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  • jayakrisSumit Nagal thread
    Sanjay, I can’t stop you. You’re right, we should all be free to share our opinions and views. I can make an appeal too, right? Please keep posting what you feel. I’m not the only one who disagreed with your one-sided adulation for Sumit. Is there ...
    by jayakris
    April 10, 2024 7:15 pm
  • AtitheeRoland Garros Claycourt Run-Up Tournaments 2024
    ^^Did the sun have a son after the eclipse, Jay? That he must be bright is a given. Sorry; couldn’t resist it. ...
    by Atithee
    April 10, 2024 6:51 pm
  • AtitheeSports and Performance Enhancing Drugs (Doping)
    ^^What’s the point of doping if you’re so piss poor at the world stage? The freebies that come as a national level player? ...
    by Atithee
    April 10, 2024 5:54 pm
  • jayakrisBillie Jean King Cup (previously Fed Cup) - India
    The thrashing from Qinwen even seemed to affect our doubles team which lost 1-6, 1-6. The Chinese had lost the doubles to TPE, so their doubles pair isn't that good but Prarthana and Rutuja seemed pretty resigned to losing. Yeah, that was horrible too. The Chinese seemed to have ...
    by jayakris
    April 10, 2024 2:18 pm
  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
    A domestic failure smashing international talents in IPL, whereas a hifi domestic success, Mayank Agarwal has been benched due to bad performance in previous matches in IPL. Thats enough to move him up in the batting order. He will improve once he gets to bat & ball like an allrounder. ...
    by Rajkumar Sharma
    April 10, 2024 1:38 pm


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