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Re: Update to new version

Post by Dhruv »

Hi all,

I have migrated the website to a new server. This should theoretically be much faster and better all around.

I will also look to changing software in case that was the issue.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


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Re: Update to new version

Post by jayakris »

No problem, and thanks for all your work, Dhruv. I assume a software change will be much more time-consuming for you, and would be better to avoid unless really needed... This forum has been fully sufficient for our purposes, and I also like how it is "light" in its feel. Maybe because it does not have a gazillian bells and whistles which in the end only become a nuisance :)

Maybe a couple more modern emojis (the two-hand prayer emoji, a thumbs up emoji and an applause emoji) would be nice to have, but other than that this forum software is just fine as is -- from a user perspective.
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