Beach Soccer has come to our very own Bengal

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Beach Soccer has come to our very own Bengal

Post by bsasportslive » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:23 pm

[Moderator's Note: The following post has substantial portions verbatim from this article at the Jerseyfootball website. I am adding the link. Mod, Jay]

Yes, You’ve heard it right. Beach Football is coming to Bengal for the first time ever in history! The immensely famous sport is knocking on our door with a whole different taste of football and it has already created a buzz all around Bengal. Beach Sports Association to organize the Tournament in Tajpur.

Coming November, after the Under-17 World Cup, sends India into a frenzy, the Bengal Beach Soccer Premier League 2017 will take us to a whole new level of festive mood.

First, let’s know a little bit more about the game itself.

What is ‘Beach Soccer’?

Beach Soccer is a popular sport in Latin America and it’s making its way into all over the world.

Beach Soccer, known as “Beasal” is a form of football that is played on the sand. It was first played in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. After it went on to gain recognition, it spread worldwide very fast and attracted lots of people. With its increasing popularity and the association of some internationally renowned players, the tournament has grown very fast.

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is held every year since 1995 and still continues year after year. It has now expanded its wings to each and every continent and with this tournament here in Bengal, it’s strengthening its roots to become even bigger.

About the Tournament

Beach Sports Association is organizing the Bengal Beach Soccer Premier League 2017 which is slated to occur in between November 3rd to 6th in Tajpur, East Midnapore.

170km away from Kolkata, the beaches of Tajpur are the perfect location for this tournament. A temporary stadium with the capacity of around 5000 people will be built in Tajpur for the tournament. Besides that, there’ll be accommodation of thousand people, who’ll be able to watch the game while standing at the rampart.

12 teams from all over the world including our East Bengal Masters and Mohun Bagan Masters are going to participate in this four days long festival, which will include exhibition matches, press meets, debate and cultural events.

On an opening day, Nov 3rd there will be an inauguration ceremony which would include speeches from Honourable ex-cabinet minister Madan Mitra, and honorable M.L.A. Ramnagar, Bengal and Vice Chairman Digha Shankarpur Development Sri Akhil Giri and Brand Ambassador Mr. Prasun Banerjee. The press meet will be followed by the official draws and will also include a debate on football journalists and a cultural night.

The tournament will go on in full pace over the next 2 days. The matches will be divided into three-quarters; each of them will continue for 12 minutes. The post-event program will be held on 6th November, which will include party, bonfire, and a dinner for everyone.

If official reports are to be believed Brazil will be sending a star-studded squad which will have national team defender Marquinhos, Rui (Barcelona, Lazio), Toninho (Botafogo), Fred (Flamengo, Botafago) and much more.

The first International side which is officially a participant of the BBSPL is ‘Futbol Beach Soccer-Futsal Club’ (FBS-FC) of the United States of America. The star-studded side is ready to take on the teams which will swarm in at Tajpur to fight for the BBSPL Glory! Some heavyweights like Frank Velasquez from El Salvador, Daniel Fernandez from Venezuela and Morgan Plata from Mexico are a part of the professional side. Besides all, Oscar Gil is undoubtedly the biggest name in the squad. Former Miami FC, Vasco de Gama as well as US beach and futsal national player Oscar Gil is the star icon of the team. An owner of numerous Winner’s Medal and various Individual Honours, Oscar Gil is excited to add the Bengal Beach Soccer Premier League to his Trophy Cabinet.

So, get ready to be hit by the shockwaves of Beach Football on November as participants all across the globe face each other to win the coveted title.

The Teams:

10 teams from the world along with two of the Bengal Giants are set to participate. The teams will be joining from –

El Salvador, Panama City, Mauritius, Brazil, Spain, Italy, USA East Coast, USA West Coast, Mexico, and Ghana.

East Bengal and Mohun Bagan will also take part with their special XI guns-blazing into this new format.

From the Organizers’ Desk:

Working President Arijit Mukherjee was very optimistic about this whole process. “Beach Soccer is not well known in India. Although there was a tournament initiative in Goa in 2014, then it was not taken forward. The game is played, but it is not very serious. We want to make Beach Sports popular. I’m starting with soccer. Then there is a plan to launch beach volleyball, handball, dodge ball,” he said.

When asked about the involvement of the two local teams, he said, “When we first went to Tajpur, locals claimed that Mohun Bagan and East Bengal should be kept in this tournament. We have included East Bengal Masters and Mohun Bagan Masters as per their demand. Overall, we are trying to create a package. ”

So let’s get bedazzled by the new wave of excitement! Let’s take a glimpse of this whole different journey. It’s going to be a welcome change in our otherwise ‘normal’ obsession with the game called Football.

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