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Mumbai Rush Soccer Club stands committed

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:00 pm
by Dennis
Mumbai Rush Soccer Club (MRSC) Center of Excellence kicks off under the Technical Director from USA Mitch Bickmore. A initiative in partnership with Rush Soccer USA to promote talent and elevate Indian football. The first batch of thirty trainees including the four talented players who were awarded with complete scholarship at the MRSC Champions league to train under the newly launched MRSC Center of Excellence program have arrived from Goa, finishing their month long first leg training.
Mitch Bickmore is in India to introduce the RUSH WAY at the Center of Excellence training program which is spanned over 6-9 months in Goa, Mumbai and USA. The program is an ideal platform for players to access high level residential and non residential training and gaining International exposure in USA.
The players have taken well to the training, Akram a U15 state player managing to improve from 800 juggles to 5700 juggles by the end of the 1st leg. “I am extremely thankful to Mumbai Rush Soccer and Steadfast FA for giving this opportunity to my son. The coach is highly knowledgeable and he knows how to encourage and motivate the kids to give their level best” said the proud parent of Hamza, the scholarship recipient.
More seven talented MRSC Champions league scholarship players have joined second phase of the COE which has started in Mumbai, for registration you can contact or call +91 9967490648. The players are pretty excited about the third leg training in USA which will commence in October 2013 “It is an awesome opportunity for us to train for one month USA” say’s Suhyal who’s represented Maharashtra.