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About tidal wave energy

Posted: Wed May 12, 2010 9:24 am
Tidal wave energy is a renewable energy resource. It is based on the power of ocean currents. Ocean wave energy is 100% environment friendly and doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases. This creates a cleaner environment for the future generations.

The source of tidal energy is the movement of tides. Wave turbines, which do a role to similar to wind turbines, are placed under the sea water. The water movement results in the movement of turbines and thereby results in the production of electricity.

As the world is looking for renewable energy resources, tidal energy is getting more attention day by day. Tidal energy extraction works mostly on two basic theories. First is the creation of electric power from the horizontal movement of sea water and the second one from the rise and drop of sea water levels.

Tidal energy is highly dependable and predictable. As tides do not depend on weather, its motion can be predicted. Tidal energy works similar to that of hydro electric energy. Tidal energy is one of the clean and cost effective forms of alternative energy. The rise and ebb of the tides can be effectively used as an alternative energy resource.

More information about tidal energy and the methods of extraction can be obtained from the recent Energy Industry News reports.