Chris Pfeiffer motorcycle stunts in Delhi..

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Chris Pfeiffer motorcycle stunts in Delhi..

Post by jayakris »

I read this article in Times of India - Chris Pfeiffer Rocks Delhi! and got fascinated by what this man can do .. By the way, kudos to Vikram Kaur who wrote such an exciting article, because it is not easy to capture the essence of something like motorcycle stunts in a newspaper article!

Check out this video for some adrenaline rush! - Chris Pfeiffer in Ljubljana .. Notice how when he rides off the back of a car at the 1.25m mark, and you will know exactly why Vikram Gaur wrote about Newton's laws being broken... Check out the kiss at 1.56m also .. sweeet.

Also see BMW's video of his stunts on the top of their tower - shot breathtakingly from helicopters (I assume) .. Just watching it gave me vertigo, and I nearly closed my eyes when he did the final summersault off the bike to the tower's edge ..


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