Governance and Governments of India

As we had often come back to discussing economic benefits/impact of sports I thought it was about time for an economic discussion forum.
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Governance and Governments of India

Post by prasen9 »

Well, this is a sports forum but we have gone on and started a whole bunch of general topic threads. So, I am starting this one here. It does not seem like there was an appropriate thread. Everything was being stuck under the Modi thread. Actually, it is not even the Modi thread. It is called the "Preparing for Modi" thread or something like that, a title that is badly in need of renaming to the "Prime Minister Modi" thread. But, I digress (what's new?).

In a separate thread, there was some talk about us not having any good PMs, etc. While I am biased, I also want to look for objective measures. Now, social science research and research in related fields can perhaps never be bias-free and notwithstanding that the authors of this article at the Harvard Business Review is very business-oriented as opposed to human-development oriented, this article actually tries to study some things somewhat objectively and reports on it. Specifically, it compares India to Poland, Mexico, two countries richer than us and Nigeria and the Philippines, two countries that are closer to us wrt per capita GDP, etc. I thought people may find this interesting. How effective is India's government in comparison to others?

Comments, brickbats, etc. are welcome.
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