West Indies in India, 2018

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Re: West Indies in India, 2018

Post by prasen9 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:19 pm

Not much. Dhawan has to tell him after every ball to keep the ball down. He is going areal. But, he is our future wicket-keeper. We have to give him at least 20 matches before dumping him. He will learn as he did in England. Stupid way to get out. Almost cost India the match along with Dhawan's lofted shot.

Washington Sundar should be continued with in T20Is. Kuldeep and Chahal may be the top two bowlers because they are wicket-taking bowlers. But, Sundar can bat. And, so, he should at least be in the 14. I would have loved to see Kaul but anyway.

Krunal seems to be a restricting bowler but not a wicket-taker at least on the international stage. Hopefully, he will improve to become a more attacking bowler. Ideally, we want someone who can do both. Sundar should be asked to improve his batting and fielding. Maybe he can be a contender.

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Re: West Indies in India, 2018

Post by Sin Hombre » Sun Nov 11, 2018 10:51 pm

Manjrekar is such an odious commentator.

Even Siva and Kartik were getting annoyed by him.

Indian cricket needs to get rid of people like him pronto.

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