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Coach Cambridge Hobo Bags

Post by sondy01058 » Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:13 am

"Miss Zhang, who lives in Panyu Chen's views agree, she suggested that the public transport, ""those who are old pregnant"" special seat to ""to people in need"" special seat. ""People do not have the people in need of seats on public transport should be given genuine need,"" said Miss Zhang, to pregnant women, for example, pregnant women, elderly, more than the physical conditions of the special event by bus fell down , but related to the lives of two people, the elderly should not require pregnant women to their seat of. Seat to the elderly is a traditional virtue of friends ""JustTwoOfUs"" response in the post, seat of the Chinese nation's traditional virtues. She cited examples of their own, each time she met on the bus will seat the elderly or pregnant women, as opposed to that, her mother took the bus every time, they have youth seat, so you click on another modest Okay. Have friends that all have the old time, and all the young people at home are elders, young people should not be is more concerned about themselves, but to give up your seat to become a habit, so that their elders and in their old age When will be a better treatment.
Old camera does not understand the old man in Lee and Miss Wu would disagree, not keep silent passengers in the car. Miss Wu said he heard her boyfriend next to a passenger said that now the old habit of snatching back the peak and bus commuters, the elderly usually do not brush old card to pay, and office workers paid the money, it is not to give old people seat, not to have to be said. Some netizens said the old man's behavior is a little Yilaomailao Lee, together with photographs of people suspected of infringing the right of privacy even more. Many friends have said he was on the bus seat to the elderly have the unpleasant experience. Some netizens said that she was pregnant for 6 months, been to the demands for seat, when she has been refused elderly abuse. It was also said that after his seat, and sometimes even old saying ""thank you"" are not, or turn the seat to the prime of his children, so that seat were very unpleasant.
News links to foreign countries ""in need"" seat seat such a common, ordinary things, but different countries due to different cultural practices, the ""seat"" feeling of this move is different. In the U.S., if given a seat looks very healthy elderly people, elderly people are likely to be questioned, ""Do not I look healthy?"" Also in Germany, if forced to seat the elderly, elderly people may buy the standing tickets and turn your good intentions. And China must go on the traditional concept of morality is different from abroad, there is no seat in the tradition of foreign countries, especially Western countries, young people generally seem to walk slightly to the unsteadily, the elderly or physically unhealthy seat. For the health of the elderly, if the active seat, is likely to provoke the elderly ""supercilious""
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