Transcript of Chat session with Daniel Chopra 2005

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Transcript of Chat session with Daniel Chopra 2005

Post by Dhruv »

danielchopra: Hi everyone, I'm here and ready for all your questions ....
danielchopra: Fire away!
BSharma: Welcome Daniel
danielchopra: Thank You ...

Indian: Hi Daniel... congratulations from all of us on securing the card for 06! Hope you have a strong finish in remaining tournaments.
danielchopra: Thank you, I'm still not 100% sure of a secured card but one more decent event will get the job done
danielchopra: I am starting play better and I am really looking forward to the upcoming events

zulu400: Let me start the questions.... Hi Daniel. For the golfer who is not good enough (yet) to make it to the PGA tour or Nationwide tour, what would you suggest is the most important thing to focus on ?
danielchopra: If you are a Pro I would suggest playing a tour that has four round tournaments. In America they have several mini tours that have four round events. I think you should play those and put yourself out there. Next step is the small national tours i.e. Indian mini tour then step up from there to say the Asian tour

dhruv: Hi Daniel,  Thank you for your time. You seem to be one of the longer drivers on tour but what parts of your game do you think need most improvement to help you with more consistent results on tour?
danielchopra: Driving accuracy. My greens in regulation are fine because the % may not be that high but I am fairly aggressive therefore I miss a lot of the greens on the edges fairly close to the hole. I never play for the middle of the green. My short game can always improve.

Kumar: Hi Daniel, How would you grade your performance this year?
danielchopra: My performance this year would be around a B- .... Quite inconsistent but I have taken leaps with understanding my equipment better and what I have learnt has been for long term goals

BSharma: You learned to play golf in India.  What made you to become a golfer and not a Sachin Tendulkar of cricket?
danielchopra: When I was a kid in India - I wanted to play for the Indian cricket team and be a professional golfer. As I grew up I realised that was not possible. But cricket is still my favourite sport!

puneets: what is your take on the Indian golf scene in general, the players, the courses etc ?
Daniel Chopra: India is finally starting to get some good quality golf courses with proper understanding of agronomy ... and as for the players, the talent pool has shrunk since our generation of Jeev, Arjun, Arjun, Jyoti….. But there is a guy called Shiv Kapur that you all should look out for - he is now playing on the Asian Tour.

BSharma: Why has the talent pool shrunk in India?
Indian: Jeev, Jyoti, Arjun and you are four world class golfers who started in India. Why do you think we do not have more people taking up golf in India? Did you find that opportunities were less to take up golf when you grew up?
Danielchopra: I believe in this day and age with computer games and social life being more prevalent in society children are choosing to spend their time playing that that. And sadly the rich kids are the ones with the opportunity but not much drive.... you have to want it at this level.

Indian: so do you think golf being a game of "Rich" is a factor in India? Did you have problems finding money and sponsors when you were playing over there?
Danielchopra: Not so much now, it has become more accessible keeping in mind that India has the fastest growing middle class population in the world. When I started getting equipment was impossible - I had to borrow from my grandparents and golf balls were like diamonds!  I am still having trouble finding sponsors that is why I have made sure I can look after my own expenses etc

zulu400: Daniel, how difficult is it to play the nationwide tour living and travelling from stop to stop in a car/van/RV etc? You may have heard experiences for your friends.
Danielchopra: Nationwide tour, Sam and I drove to every single tourney in our SUV and also stayed with families every week to cut down on our expenses .... it is a school of hard knocks but teaches you that art of DRIVE
zulu400: Good one Daniel !!

Kumar: You have probably played with Tiger a few times and on a grand stage too (last year US Open).. Were you intimidated by him? Any memorable experiences or incidents?
Danielchopra: I played with Tiger at the US Open and yes I was nervous on the tee but when I nearly drove the green on the 1st and he was 150 yards short of the green in the rough I realised that he is human as well. 
He is just like everyone else except he has created a image of mystique by keeping a lot of secrets from everyone. But if you think about it he still has put on his trousers on one leg at a time - he has to eat, drink like everyone else. He is very dedicated in his pursuit ..

BSharma: You became the world junior champion at 18 years of age and could have gone to any US college on a golf scholarship.  What made you to become a pro at 18 years of age instead of learning golf for 4 more years in USA? 
danielchopra: I was offered many scholarships but I always knew that pro golf was going to be my career so I saw no reason to postpone that for four more years given I could make a living sooner rather than later. And I believe learning those four years learning the ropes of pro golf in Asia and in Europe was a lot more beneficial than being pampered in a college campus - I think it breeds a tougher player to do it the hard way.

zulu400: Daniel, from where did you move to India in your childhood? And looking back now do you think as a golfer it was a good thing for you?
danielchopra: I lived in Delhi from that age of 7 - 18. I moved from Sweden to live my grandparents at the age of 7.

BSharma: You have played in US Open (paired with Tiger on 3rd day) and British Open.  How are the "majors" different than regular PGA tournaments from a player's perspective?
danielchopra: The Majors have far more spectators, the course are more difficult and the media hype is far greater. Other than that same players, same clubs, same hole ...

dhruv: Coming back to your performance on the PGA tour this year.  Your results towards the latter part of this year were not as good as the first half.  Last year you had mentioned that you were getting tired towards the end of the season. Did fatigue again play a role again this year and if so what will do try to do differently next year.
danielchopra: I don't believe fatigue had anything to do with it. It was more of a lack of form that is part of everyone’s career - you have ups and downs. I did not like consistency this year.
danielchopra: Sorry about my typos but I am trying to answer asap!
danielchopra: I am also a player that likes to play all over and for me to take a week off is a tough decision to make. I love golf and love to play and if someone has given me a spot then why would I not want to play!
Kumar: Actually your play towards the end of last year was very strong.. but somehow you didn't seem to have the same form this year
danielchopra: Besides I decided to do this as my profession, I do this to play not to take weeks off.
danielchopra: Ahh but the year is not over yet!!

zulu400: Daniel, before the actual tournament starts (thursday) on Wednesdays you guys play a practise round on the course. What is the significance of it and how do you play the course on that day?
danielchopra: Actually on Wed. is the day of the pro am. The official practise round is on Tuesday and it is very significant because it allows us to see the speed and firmness of the greens. The firmness of the fairways and the length of the rough and to formulate a game plan for each hole depending on various weather conditions

BSharma: You and Vijay Singh love to play golf rather than take weeks off like Tiger and Phil.  Vijay is a very private person, but he seems to have a good rapport with you and Arjun.  Can you share with us what the three of you do before and during a tournament?
danielchopra: Vijay and I are good friends and we are both have a similar golf history and the Indian connection is strong ...
danielchopra: He is great guy.
danielchopra: I've played practice rounds with Vijay and have lunch with him. He and I are friends. He is private and I respect that. Vijay is the most honest person I have met in my life which sadly for him will never give him a career as a Fijian diplomat!!! But neither would I!!! So I guess we are two of a kind in that respect!

Kumar: Who would you rather be paired with? Tiger or Vijay? or Just don't care?
danielchopra: Either one is fine - because if I am paired with them then I am obviously playing well

dhruv: Do you try and model your game around any particular player and who are the players who you most look up to?
danielchopra: I do model my game around a certain player and his name is Daniel Chopra and apparently he is quite good. Not too many people know of him yet but one day they will!!! Ben Hogan won his first major tournament when he was 33 years old and Tom Lehman when he was 37 years old!
Indian: Hey! way to go. That's the spirit Dan! :)
BSharma: woohoo
Kumar650: way to Go Dan!!
danielchopra: Jeez you guys loved one didn't you!!
BSharma: :D

zulu400: Daniel, I am using clubs purchased from the store. But sometimes I struggle with their lengths, do you think club fitting has to be my next step, is it really important?
danielchopra: Club fitting is the most important factor. You would not go into the store and buy a suit without making sure it fits you. I only learnt that this year.
danielchopra: it is amazing the difference it  makes to your golf game making sure that the shaft flex is correct for YOU and the lie angle is fit for you. Please go and have some fun in the store and play around with ideas and ask your local club pro to test your specs

Indian: Coming to Ben Hogan... we would love to see you winning a tournament on PGA tour (and Arjun and other upcoming Indians too). Do you have a bet with Arjun about who is going to win the first one?
danielchopra: No bets with Arjun ..... only in the pract. rounds on Tuesday which is far more important. To win 20 bucks from him is really fun. Just yesterday I took 120!

BSharma: You have changed caddies a few times in the past two years.  How important are caddies on the Tour, and have you found anyone half as good as Sam (Mrs Chopra) yet?
danielchopra: This year I changed to Mitch Knox who use to caddy for Duval for 8 years. He was on David's bag for all wins except one. He was on his bag for the Brit Open. His golf club knowledge has really helped me and he is an asset to our team. Having said that Sam won the last two events she caddied so maybe I might bring her in for a hit at the end of this year. But at the same time I don't want to hurt her record which is pretty c

zulu400: Daniel, please enlighten us about your practice drills as to when where and how much do you do.
danielchopra: I really don't practice when I am out on tour being one of the players that play a lot of tournaments. When I am at home I practise. I work on tempo and feel and short game.

nothingnew: Daniel, in golf there any special emphasis on mental fitness training? Something like improving concentration and all, in golf you have long time to take a shot and it is easy to get distracted compared to other sport. Isn't it?
danielchopra: It sure is and I do meditation techniques which I learnt in India....
danielchopra: That is also why it is good to have a caddy you can play around with too and one that you do get along with.

ajay: Do you do Yoga?
danielchopra: No I don't do yoga - Arjun does everyday .... I do other things ...
danielchopra: My wife is always trying to get me to do yoga but I have to get a feel for it first before i can take it on. I am passionate - once I like it I won't be able to stop..
ajay: Jyoti Randhawa says it has benefited with Yoga. That' why I asked this.
danielchopra: Jyoti does a lot of yoga yes I know. He also is coached by my coach - Kel Llewellyn.

zulu400: Daniel, its a personal question, so feel free to skip this one. The first days and/years on the tour, did you feel that you were accepted well by most colleagues, or it took a good finish to earn respect from your peers?
danielchopra: No I have not noticed anything here. I was well received on tour. I am who I am and everyone is equal in my eyes and I do treat everyone accordingly.

Indian: Do you have a day which you cherish golf wise… Like a perfect day of golf till now? I believe you have the record of the lowest under par round (30 under par on nationwide tour). Was it the most satisfying one?
danielchopra: Up until now - 30 under was quite special ... but everyday is different and I learn something each day so I respect that. Each day of golf is of value..

zulu400: Daniel do you consider yourself to be a risk taker on the course or play safe ?
danielchopra: I do take risks although not reckless. High risk, high reward. Like Eminen - "you get one shot, one opportunity" So I think go for it. No regrets.

BSharma: What is your dream foursome, daniel?
danielchopra: My dream foursome is: Clinton, Jordan, Tendulkar (but he doesn't play), Gary Sobers

Indian: Dan, what is the ideal age to start? My daughter is 2 years old and I have just bought her a golf club. Though, this is overkill and just for fun. :)
danielchopra: your daughter should play for fun - once she comprehends concentration and focus probably around 8 years old. Then let her decide she will be drawn to it if she likes it.

danielchopra: As much as I would like to keep chatting.... I must depart. Sam has made lunch and we went running this morning so I need some fuel!!
Kumar: Whatz for lunch?
danielchopra: I promise to be on line again soon and I did this to show the respect i have for you all and the support you have shown.
BSharma: Thanks Daniel and Sam for the time you have taken to chat with us.
Kumar: It’s been fun chatting with you... And all the best for rest of the season / next year
nothingnew: Oh, thanks Dan. It was great having you here
puneets: thanks a lot Daniel and good bye
dhruv: Thank you for taking the time to chat to us and best of luck for the rest of year.
danielchopra: Lunch - chicken tikka masala
vishnureddy: Thanks a lot Dan
puneets: It was a nice 1 hr session
Indian: Dan. Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule! Hope to see you some other time.
zulu400: Daniel, thanks once again for taking the time and answering the questions !!
ajay: Thanks Daniel. We do appreciate you taking some time off. Good luck for your next event.
insideout: Thanks Daniel, a lot for sparing your time for this session
puneets: :goodluck:
Indian: Please do remember the support you have from us when next time you play on the course :)
danielchopra: All the best all from the Chopra Team!!!
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Transcript of Chat session with Daniel Chopra

Post by Dhruv »

I would like to thank Daniel and Sam and Team Chopra along with BSharma and Ajay for making this chat session a reality. I would also like to wish Daniel the best of luck for all his future tournaments on the tour.

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Transcript of Chat session with Daniel Chopra

Post by jaydeep »

Thanks Guys for putting transcript of chat session with Daniel ... Yesterday I was out of town, so couldn't make it ... Thats why put suggestion of keeping here ... :tomato:

I really missed great fun and knowledgable chat with Daniel ... Hopefully that sooner will come earlier than I expect and get me chance to chat with Daniel.

Thanks Dhruv for chat transcript.

And importantly special thanking to Sam and Daniel for taking time out to chat with us ... Hoping Daniel will cemented his card for 06 with strong performance in remaining tournaments.


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Transcript of Chat session with Daniel Chopra

Post by gbelday »

Thanks for the transcript guys. Looks like it was a lot of fun! I missed it :(

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Transcript of Chat session with Daniel Chopra

Post by India1989 »

It is good if we do this. This is really good thing. Though I missed the chat I do regret missing it.

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Transcript of Chat session with Daniel Chopra

Post by zulu400 »

New Delhi: US PGA regular Daniel Chopra on Thursday donated $10,000 as part of an initiative to raise funds for the victims of earthquake tragedy in Pakistan and India. Chopra, an Indian by origin said he was distressed by the magnitude of the disaster in a part of the world where he grew up and developed a fondness for golf.