Tokyo Olympics 2020 projections

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Re: Tokyo Olympics 2020 projections

Post by sameerph » Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:08 am

Yes, that will be the biggest worry. Shooters have been as good as they can be last year. So, it will be very difficult for them to retain their form.Another one is hockey. Can our team retain their this year's form ?

Other than that, wrestling, tennis, badminton, athletics (Neeraj) I can see only upside.

Boxing about the same - a little downside for Marykom who gets a year older, maybe a little down for Mirabai Chanu in weightlifting too. Mirabai was almost a guranteed medal if the olympics were held this year with everyone else other than China and North Korea were way behind her. But, Thai team has been banned due to doping cases. Not clear if their ban will be lifted by 2021. If so, it will increase competition for Mirabai.

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Re: Tokyo Olympics 2020 projections

Post by arjun2761 » Fri Mar 27, 2020 6:30 pm

I think we have a pretty good bench of world class shooters right from the junior levels. Also, many of our top shooters are on the younger side, although youth does not have that much impact in shooting outside of experience. The hope is that while some of best shooters now may lose form, we'll have others improve to give us potential medalists even next year.

I am a little more worried about our mens and womens hockey team in that they appear to be near their peak and could be worse next year. I'm not sure if our younger bench is as good that they can easily replace some of the players in the top team that may get worse.

Agree also that Neeraj, Laksya Sen, Satwik/Chirag, Weightlifter Jeremy L etc. should be more competitive next year and may be long shot medal prospects by then.

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