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Re: Vishnu Vardhan thread...

Post by sameerph » Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:24 am

We will move these posts to that thread a little later.

I support Vishnu and Vatsal in what they are doing for Indian tennis. As far any non-cricketing sport in India in concerned, there is hardly much support in the media. So, whoever is doing something needs to be applauded. And as Suresh said, much of the younger generation today ( as opposed to ours :D ) is more accustomed to social media platforms such as facebook and twitter than the sport forums. So, I do not think that posting a link here is going to promote the website much and it is ok even if it does among the forum members who are lovers of tennis.

As for posting the link, many of us keep posting links to various interesting articles across the media anyway. So, no harm is posting the ones from ITD.

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Re: Vishnu Vardhan thread...

Post by suresh » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:46 pm

vatsal323 wrote:
Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:50 am
My situation is pretty similar to Vishnu's. I am in Bangalore, working at InMobi. So I do this in my personal time as well.
This was my guess as to why you are posting less here. I know that you are no longer the college student that you were in the recent past. Maybe Rajiv doesn't. I remember some active posters like Neil just disappeared as other things took up their time. I have also not been actively posting in recent times even though I check the forum every day.

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Re: Indian Tennis Fanclub (or on Social Media

Post by VReddy » Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:51 pm

Some points further for the larger group benefit to add on

1. Vis-a-vis noise ratio comment from Prashant: The only noise we have seen so far are from 2-3 users who came from some online Tennis fan club who would make rash comments on our player losses which got Mukund Sasikumar, his coach and Naiktha Bains agitated and commenting on same post - since they were contacts of Vatsal from Tennis Fan Club, Vatsal was able to take care of them later. The other 10.5 K users have been noise free. Partly I think because we are talking about an audience which is interested in Futures, so expect them to be more knowledgeable

2. Vis-a-vis ITD building / piggy-backing on SI by posting here: I prefer taking Prasen9's approach of letting the stats do the talking -> About 5% of the interview visits for the site come from Now if one says - using SI's reputation, then yes.

3. Awareness of SI amongst player community: My interpretation based on interactions so far - Players active from/pre 2000's decade are more likely to know our forum. Young players (active from 2010->after) are Instagram / Snapchat and some Twitter driven (note my exclusion of facebook here... its slowly going down in terms of usage). They are from the mobile-first/only world and are unlikely to have visited a Desktop driven site often.

So far my insights validate the (3) point that I had listed in the first post. Coming to the unexpected benefits that I had mentioned elsewhere

A. Player support / recognition:
- Yuki constantly shares ITD posts on Instagram. He values Vatsal / (and hopefully Sufyan too) contribution. TeamTennisAcademy shares all ITD messages too
- Ram personally reached out and has Vatsal's contact
- Sumit Nagal personally respects Vatsal and his work. Just an observation from being privy to some of the discussions.
- Saketh - he personally reshared/commented about ITD on Twitter
- Ankita: Her family/relatives regularly reshare and we know Hemant Bendrey Sir/His academy follow us once in a while

List could go on and on but this is something I didn't realize that the Players value. I don't know any of them - I only know Nandini / Rishika now but even they mentioned that most futures players follow ITD for news. I happened to interact with Somdev / Saki but that was for other reasons and I prefer to keep my ITD profile in the background/least visible as possible

B. Media passes
After Vatsal got the invite from Sunder Iyer sir for the TATA Open, it struck us about how I (or any sports fan like us) could leverage it too. Registered a domain. Now we have had 100% success rate in applying media pass for ATP 500 250 / ATP Challenger namely Sofia / Rotterdam / SF challenger (for a Zürich tennis friend who was there and is a fan of Ram but unfortunately, was not useful as Ram did not play). Now given that I attend French Open / travel on weekends about 4-5 times a year to watch Tennis - this will likely give me (or say any of us nuts) free passes to enter / interact with administrators/players / invite to media conferences

Just thought I should post it here for future benefit. One of my personal goals was to explore feasibility of connecting local Indian Communities with our players in whichever part they play in which is hopefully templätized after an year (say like this example: ... 635373032/). However, it needs a shared vision of few more people than just 1-2 people.

Chatted with Vatsal, we will keep ITD away from SI - I was the one who was pushing him to post here in general, so sorry for that. Frankly, its really embarrassing and disappointing that we are discussing land grab like topics over a 50-100 user count.

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Re: Indian Tennis Fanclub (or on Social Media

Post by Sin Hombre » Tue Feb 27, 2018 3:08 am

I went to one of the Insaz things some 7 years back, all they cared about were playing board games :p

On a more serious note, continue sharing those interviews over here. Unlike some others, I don't actively go and look for news on FB.

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Re: Indian Tennis Fanclub (or on Social Media

Post by Rajiv » Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:30 am

Reading comments ,especially from the old timers , Maybe I have erred in my judgement or you have not understood my point of view.
Any way Thank You Guys.

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