lea and hesh --- why did they split ?

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lea and hesh --- why did they split ?

Post by jayakris » Wed Apr 02, 2003 1:45 pm

Two guys. Two very different personalities but both super-sensitive. Both were serious about some things and goofy/careless about other things. Other than the passion and grit on court, there was hardly anything that BOTH were serious about at any given time, or were on the same page about [issues like training, practice, coach, people you deal with, friends, scheduling, endorsement, career goals and records, etc, etc]. They each felt the other needed to change, but both failed at how to go about communicating that. Both misunderstood each other's intention whenever any attempt was made at communication too. The people around mostly saw only one side at any time and that did not help. There weren't many elder tennis statesmen in India that both would listen to, who could help - and probably not much attempt was made by the statesmen anyway. There was really no solution.

After the first split, the personal feelings might not have hardened all that much, but after the second split, the chemistry away from court may have almost completely gone cold. They can still win for India, though - thank God!

How about that? -- That's about all I would say :)


PS: That reconciliation bit was just an April Fools thing. Gotcha! ..

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