Misc. news about Indian hockey

A forum to discuss Indian hockey and the disarray it is in despite the promising new professional PHL series.

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Re: Misc. news about Indian hockey

Post by prasen9 »

Now if Batra can set up an objective umpire evaluation scheme such as they have in cricket, etc. to root out the bad umpires and keep the good ones, that will be great.

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Re: Misc. news about Indian hockey

Post by ssp »

Some good news for women's hockey:
http://stick2hockey.com/Article/Propose ... 15562.html

This is the kind of league I've been hoping for. The HIL was too artificial and I just knew it wouldn't last. Let's hope this concept is permanent and can be expanded to senior women's and men's teams. That's the only way to ensure promising players are not lost but nurtured and made into top quality internationals. Who knows, we may become a bit more professional in selections too. ;)

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Re: Misc. news about Indian hockey

Post by rajitghosh »

Today one more legend passed away. Balbir Singh, who was definitely India's 2nd greatest player after Dhyan Chand passed away at the age of 96. He won Olympic golds in 48, 52 and 56 and was manager of the team that won the 1975 World Cup. He scored 2 goals in the 48 final and 9 out of 13 goals scored by India in the 52 Olympics. He was the captain in 1956. He played alongside other legends such as KD Singh Babu, Leslie Claudius, Ranganathan Francis and Pritpal Singh. He also played alongside the Indo-Pak legend AIS Dara as part of the undivided Punjab Police. (Dara played a major part in India's 36 win and represented Pakistan in 48). He had 3 hattricks in Olympic hockey.