Men's and Women's Hockey World Cups 2018

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Re: Men's and Women's Hockey World Cups 2018

Post by ssp » Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:56 pm

Yes Jay, always happens to us...always.

However, if you lose twice to Ireland, you have no business in a WC semi. We had more possession, more PCs, but as is standard for ALL Indian hockey teams...we just can't take our opportunities. How many times have we seen our teams throw away matches that should have been won by 2-3 goals??

We played ok in patches, but just did not score enough goals and still make too many basic errors or gift away possession. I'm not convinced by Marijne coaching skills. We had poor PC options (probably the worst conversion rate) and left too much space on the flanks at times. Ball speed was a bit too slow....but QF is better than I expected! ;)

If we don't win the Asian games, I expect Marijne will be sacked.

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Re: Men's and Women's Hockey World Cups 2018

Post by prasen9 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 3:52 am

jayakris wrote:
Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:54 pm
I was itching to say "don't count the chickens.." the last couple of days, but didn't have the heart to kill your excitement, ssp. I too feel terrible. Oh well. This kind of stuff just happens to us. It always does.
In many sports, the #10 team would have only about a 60% chance of beating a #16 team on a particular day and a #11 team, maybe about 55% chance. Assuming these are more or less independent events, then the chances of making the final are possibly low. And, when these things happen, say 40% of the time, we think it always happens! We notice the failures to lower-ranked teams than the successes because, of course, we 100% expected to win. I made up these numbers, of course, because I do not have the hockey scores. Drawing a lower-ranked team after dominating happens. And penalty shootouts are crapshoot anyway. About the "happens to us", notice that the draw opened up due to upsets. So, it happens to others too.

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