Know something about your sports-Football

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Know something about your sports-Football

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Football is also known as Soccer. It is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is estimated that more than half of the world’s population is fan and it has approx 4 billion people following influencer all over world.
History of Football
In Egypt, football was played a ball like round thick by kicking in opposite direction. Football was played in china by the name of ‘Tsuchu’ during 300 B.C. to 500 A.D. The word ‘Tsu’ in Chinese means to kick the ball with a feet and ‘chu’ means the ball made of leather. In second century, when the Roman got victory over Egyptians, it became very popular in Rome also. The Roman took it to England when they conquered England and other neighboring countries. Then it spread all over world & become the most popular sports in the world.
The first recorded International match was played between Scotland and England at Glasgow on November 30th, 1872 and the First World Cup was organized in 1930 at Uruguay and Uruguay defeated Argentina in finals by 4-2.
The federation of International Football association (FIFA) was constituted to organize the international level football matches on may 21, 1904. The organization called UEFA was constituted in Europe, other federation of football like African, American & Asian were constituted in 1956, 1961 and 1964 respectively. Football was included in the Olympic Games in 1908. Football became popular in India after the formation of some important clubs. The Indian Football Association (IFA) is the oldest football association which is controlling the body of football in India. India participated first time in Olympic games in 1948. At present, India is on 97th position in football at the world level.
General Rules of Football:
A football match is played between two teams, each team consists of 11 players respectively including a goalkeeper. There may be five to seven substitutes. The duration of this games shall be of 2 equal halves of 45 minutes in a match unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by both the teams. Interval is of 5 minutes. The game is started after a coin is tossed which is generally determined whether which team kick-off to start the game and which team has the choice of ends. Teams changes end and attacks-opposite goals in the second half. A kick-off is a way of starting or restarting a game.By the rules a goal is measured as a score of a team. When the ball as a whole, passes over a goal-line between the goal-posts under cross bar, provided it has not been thrown, carried or propelled by hand or arm, by a player of the attacking side, except in case of goal keeper, who is within his own penalty-area. The team scoring greater number of goals during the playtime shall be the winner. If no goal or equal numbers of goals are scored, the game shall be termed as ‘draw’.
Football Field Dimension
Football Field Dimension
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